Ready for Game Day? Get Hyped & Get Ready, all right here!

After seeing this video I had to post it as it’s not much of an exaggeration. Fans are rabid & ravishing in G’ville on Saturdays. The Swamp beckons the Florida faithful, guiding RV’s like the north star to the holiest of Gator-ground – Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

For the uninitiated, the first visit to the house-that-Spurrier-built is akin to a baptism. In the church of the SEC (unlike other conferences) your allegiance must first lie with your school, then with your conference – there can be no deviation. Don’t worry, everyone becomes an instant believer and you’ll understand the expression “there’s no zealot like a convert” after your first game day.

Ok, so you need some tips for your first time in the center of the Football Universe on it’s most sacred day?

1. Food RULES! No tailgate is complete without enough southern delicacies and smoked meat to feed a small city-state. If you’re not bringing your own, don’t worry. Gator fans are notoriously hospitable and welcome all comers on the Saturdays.

2. Get dressed up to step out! Gator fans take it a step further and the ladies really prove to be the best in the SEC – check out these custom dresses which are all the rage. Fun game to play on game day (besides cornhole)? Try to count how many guys you see dressed up as Mr. 2-Bits

3. Get HYPED! Watch the video. FEEL the charge of over 90,000 people stomping and screaming as hard as they can on every opponents’ 3rd down! Whether you make it to the stadium or prefer the comfort of your tailgate, scream and cheer as loud as you can. “Duh, duh-duh, duh-duh… Go Gators!”

4. Know what you’re doing! This link takes you to the UFPD site with rules and locations for game day. Main points? Open containers are allowed on campus (But NOT off-campus) and generally only in plastic cups. If in doubt, ask a cop before popping that top.

5. WIN! Even if the Gators lose (not likely with one of the best home winning percentages of the last 20+ years) make sure you still win! Have a great time; buy something from a kid selling for charity, mingle with some strangers at a tailgate, do the chomp till your arms fall off, and most importantly – stay classy Gator fans!



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