Post-it Note Art – a Great Alternative to Painting Your Place!

Admit it. On a lazy Sunday you occasionally find yourself watching those home redesign shows. It’s ok, everyone does it. It’s cool man, relax! The biggest issue with these shows for a lot of us is we don’t own the spaces we’re living in. That means whatever we do to them, we will have to undo when we move – and more than one of us has primed back a wall on move-out day, cursing whatever possessed us to paint it chocolate-brown in the first place.

There’s some really neat DIY stuff you can do to your place that is non-permanent and, it can actually serve as an interesting conversation piece. The best part? You can change it up as often as you want with nothing but a little time! Fear of commitment? Alive and well!

Koopas beware!
This can be down with just 4 colors and 20 minutes!

The options are literally endless: There’s the “Mario 1” image below, or you can kick it really old school with the “Donkey KongMario. What’s that? Want to go with something besides Mario? I don’t understand… why would you possibly want to… whatevs. It’s cool, I got you!

Post-it note upgrade!
Great way to make an older place incredibly cool, in no time at all!
Pretty cool look, right? You can just get all random and give yourself a wildly colorful look in no time! If you decide you want to do patterns latter on, you always can. Have a post-it party and invite friends over to help decorate your new place! You can either have a template for people to work on together, or let people go nuts! If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated, that can be arranged…
You can either go for a rendering of something iconic and instantly recognizable such as Marilyn. Or,  you can pixelate any picture you want for free on plenty of sites like and do a picture of you and your friends/family in post-its.
JFK would totally post-it in his rumpus room...
Now Playing: "Post-its are a Girl's Best Friend"
Keep in mind, not all pictures pixelate (the act of turning a “normal photograph” into these tiny squares) exactly the same. I mean that if you take a large picture with tons of detail and colors you’ll need a million different shades of post-its to render it effectively. If you’re going to do your own picture, try to keep it as simple as possible so your final product is recognizable. Many of these sites will provide you with a template for what colors go where when assembling your post-it note masterpiece. It doesn’t get much easier than this…
If this were to scale it would take him a week to eat that mushroom... just sayin'
I'm so 'boss' I should be at the end of world 8-4!
Speaking of, if you have a lot of time on your hands (and a lot of post-its and a place to put them) you may want to attempt to one-up these guys. They apparently had access to more than 14,000 post-its (though they used far less) and a team of 10 people pulled this off in just five hours.
Four story tall Donkey Kong game, all out of Post-it notes!
This has to be the coolest office to work in. Ever.
Think about it: If they accomplished this in 50 man hours, imagine what you can do to your place in only a couple of hours! Forget painting your place this year! Get pixelated!

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  1. Marla Hughes (@MeticulousClean)

    I would NOT want to be the one washing that last office’s windows, though they are serious on the cool factor. 🙂


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