Five Seconds to Your Heart…

Do you like 80’s New wave synth-pop? Do you like sweet pseudo-futuristic, post-apocalyptic themed videos filmed in stunning slow motion? Motorcycle gangs in said post-apocalyptic world extracting their revenge? I think it’s revenge. Could be that “the Teds” (best name for a gang, ever) are the aggressors here. In fact, that’s highly likely. After all, Georgie did steal the Prince of Fangs motorcycle… but I digress…

Do you like your music videos with over a minute and a half of back story to start with? Do you like songs that sound like something Phil Collins, Robert Smith of The Cure, and Prince wrote over a bottle of absinthe and a handful of Quaaludes?  Would you prefer that said song be about a short fictional story written by the very artist singing the song?

Great hook that absolutely catches in your head? Sense of urgency? Plenty of rise where you want it?

Oh, you would?

Then peep this. Twin Shadow – Five Seconds.


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