Post-it Note Art – a Great Alternative to Painting Your Place!

Robert H Myers

Admit it. On a lazy Sunday you occasionally find yourself watching those home redesign shows. It’s ok, everyone does it. It’s cool man, relax! The biggest issue with these shows for a lot of us is we don’t own the spaces we’re living in. That means whatever we do to them, we will have to undo when we move – and more than one of us has primed back a wall on move-out day, cursing whatever possessed us to paint it chocolate-brown in the first place.

There’s some really neat DIY stuff you can do to your place that is non-permanent and, it can actually serve as an interesting conversation piece. The best part? You can change it up as often as you want with nothing but a little time! Fear of commitment? Alive and well!

Koopas beware!

The options are literally endless: There’s the “Mario 1” image below, or you…

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