“A leader solves problems even if they’re not on their agenda.”

I’m revamping a takeover & due diligence tracker today. It’s one of a few things I set out to get done this week and it went differently than I expected.

As I’m working, I have this Seth Godin video playing in the background. He drops several gems while giving this speech in Stockholm but among my favorite is a line about design. Starting around 16:36 he drops this:

“Ask yourself two questions: 1. Who’s it for? 2. What’s it for?

Seth Godin

I found this apropos as we’re designing a lot this week. New systems, new ways of conducting and pulling inspection data. A new logo is being created by our friends at Pixelriot.io and they gave a fascinating presentation on the principles of good design to get us in the right headspace to assess the work they’ll submit. We’re designing pre-leasing trackers, databases, you name it. I’m excited, to say the least.

“Leaders are required to take responsibility, not demand authority.”

The other gem in this video is Godin’s acknowledgment that leaders solve problems even if they’re not on their agenda by taking responsibility. Taking a moment to solve a problem effectively and beautifully, now, will provide reoccurring benefits as long as that system is used. These opportunities are investments and they don’t show up on balance sheets or quarterly reports. Leaders take responsibility, they’re not given it.

I’m taking responsibility for making this action-item tracker useful and also beautiful. It doesn’t take much longer on the design side, but the extra effort and intentionality will make it more useful and efficient for every takeover we ever do.

I hope you continue to have a great week! Take a moment to take responsibility for something in your life this week that you can solve. Take an action to make your life, and those that come after you, easier.

Oh, and throw this video on and take a 40 minute inspired talk full of insight. You won’t regret it.





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