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  1. Funny that in your list of possible solutions you did not mention the one that sensible people are actually calling for: improved and intensified regulation and accountability of gun ownership. (NOBODY is calling for a ban on private ownership.) This includes, among other things registration and insurance of privately owned guns (just as with cars, which also have an inherent level of danger because of their mass and potential velocity) so that someone at least pays for the damage guns may cause. Despite the gun nuts’ bumpers sticker thinking that guns are not themselves dangerous, yes of course they are! In addition to intentional harm by bad people there is also a vast amount of accidental shooting, of self and of others, mostly by “good people.”

  2. I like your article especially as a basis for building matters of discussion and further debate. I think solutions could/should include background checks, licensing, recurrent training and perhaps some level of testing. Regardless, excellent well thought out writing and material I intend to use as part of any future conversations I have with others.

  3. for those calling for sensible and more stringent gun laws, they are in place….what you must realize is that a person using a gun must decide to abide by those laws…no one that has committed murders such as the ones used as examples, followed the gun laws of their state …also, focusing on the weapons of choice is totally missing the point…it is the person behind the weapon who kills…guns are easier to get on the street than they are legally…just have to go to a bar or other gathering point and ask if someone knows if others have a gun for sale…of course, they are bypassing the state laws, but they don’t intend to follow the law anyway…this article is supposed to make the reader see that if we change the way we treat people, those people who are on the edge, might, just might, not kill themselves or someone else when they can no longer see beyond the hopelessness that is consuming their lives…and, the author proved a most valuable point, we don’t want to help others especially ones in pain because it something hard to do and besides all that negativity really drags one down….and almost every comment has proven that point…

    1. You think guns are easier to get on the street?

      All of the mass shooters in the U.S. have used guns that were completely legal.

      Plus most psychotic people wouldn’t be able to make any connections with the black market.

      They would scare people away from doing business with them.

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