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  • A Resume to Kill For

    A Resume to Kill For

    Your resume is quite simply, an advertisement. That makes you Don Draper, and the product you’re pitching is you. I know that’s uncomfortable to some but humility rides the bus. Get your bragging paints on.

  • We Are Who We’ve Been Waiting For

    We Are Who We’ve Been Waiting For

    About a decade ago I was working a new job where it rapidly became clear that they needed a new everything. You name it, it needed to be overhauled, sourced, replaced, or jettisoned into space. We were going to need to create a property management company from scratch. Without any support of any kind. No…

  • What should I know in 20 seconds?

    What should I know in 20 seconds?

    This is my favorite question when someone hands me something to proofread. Flyer for an upcoming event? Ad for a renewal campaign? Your updated resume? Pitch for a new policy change or capital project? What should be in my brain within 20 seconds of the experience with the thing you made and put in front…

  • The Future is Coming

    The Future is Coming

    And we rarely stop worrying about it. But it’s coming all the same. And it’s going to arrive dressed in the clothes of the present. And you’re going to deal with it just like you dealt with each new day that arrived for all the years you’ve been blinking & breathing. More on that in…

  • Good, Fast, Cheap – Pick Two

    You only get two out of three of these things. You could get one, or none, but at best, you’ll only get two.

  • Design Matters

    I’m not a professional designer because the word “designer” doesn’t land within 100 nautical miles of my job title. However, I make a lot of things and I care about the things I make. Part of that care is thinking about how these things will interact with the world. Who will use it? How will…

  • Where Winners Spend their 2%

    I don’t know if you remember but for close to a decade, starting around the mid-2000s, people couldn’t shut up about Steve Jobs. This seemed to coincide with the release of the iPhone, YouTube, and social media, which makes sense. All of the content seemed to herald Jobs as Tech-Jesus. The iPod was the second…

  • Defend the Brand

    Defend the Brand

    Seth Godin’s blog post today “Defender of the brand” was a salient reminder of what we’re aiming to do. In the piece, he reminds his readers that a Marketing Officer’s first duty is to ensure the brand experience is one of quality. All the ads in the world are meaningless if the execution of the…

  • Hurt People, Hurt People: Oscar’s Edition

    Hurt People, Hurt People: Oscar’s Edition

    Last night, at the 2022 Oscars, Will Smith overreacted to an admittedly lame and toothless joke from presenter, Chris Rock, and nothing has made sense since. I was watching this happen with my youngest son who loves Will Smith. LOVES. We’ve seen the MIB trilogy multiple times, iRobot, hell, even Wild Wild West. He thinks…

  • How to Speak

    How to Speak