accounts – helpful? I’ll have to let you know…

I’ve been spending an insane amount of time on the web for work trying to increase our social media presence. I got a tumblr, facebook, linked-in, twitter, flickr, foursquare, google+, youtube – easy enough, right? What about a Klout? lastfm? 8tracks? Mailchimp? Yup, got em all.

I’m like a real-life Ash Katchum – I gotta catch them all. What makes matters worse is that I’ve also got each of these for my personal use as well. Some I love and use daily (if you’re not on, you don’t know what you’re missing) but others I seldom go to or even remember exist – google+ anyone?

So what No, I didn’t mistype. That’s a thing now. Essentially it’s a modern day┬áRolodex┬ácard for all of your on-line info. Novel idea. I wasn’t sure about the value but I think I have it down.

With the multitude of accounts we all have every day this gives you one address to hand over to any interested parties. I think I like it. Easy, understated, and an obvious solution to what is getting increasingly out of hand.

I’ll let you know if it works, or if I even use it.