“Damn good advice” cool quote

A Trend is Always a Trap…

A Trend is Always a Trap...

Brilliant quote here from the book “Damn Good Advice (for people with talent)” which spells out why trends are exactly what you think they are: Traps. Dead ends.

I declared a few weeks ago that “Keep Calm and… ” is the new “Got Milk?” for how ubiquitous and cliche’ it has become. It’s the Harlem Shake of typography.

Working in the Student Housing industry, everyone is seeking the next “cool thing” that we can plaster on shirts and flyers and swag we toss out like slop to hogs. Often times, we pick the safest route possible. Nothing daring – nothing truly cool or unique – just safe.

If I see one more flyer/ad/brochure that says something like “Live, Work. Play” I may just gag.

What’s new? What’s next level? What has gusto and verve and life behind it?

You know, maybe I should move forward with my idea for a “Tu-days of Tupac” festival. We would feature a day of performances of his poetry, followed by a movie marathon of his films, and then wrap it up with a karaoke night and look-alike contest. It’s so ridonk, it just might work.