“I wish it was all a dream”

iwishitwasalladream8tracks features streaming music, in mix-tape format, made by real people from their own collections – and I’m absolutely in love with it.

For the last three years it’s given me insight into so many incredible songs and artists and offered an instant escape into whatever mood I’m feeling. Pandora can’t do that. Spotify can’t do that. Not to knock those services, but nothing beats this.

If you’re old enough to remember the joy of making or receiving mix tapes you’ll immediately appreciate the simplicity and the beauty of what they’re doing. This morning I answered the call of the tumblr blog and got this treat.¬†Indie jams perfectly matching my dispistion this morning. Which is awesome, because yesterday afternoon it was mid-90’s NYC rap that was fueling my work, but this morning called for something a little more chill and this was beyond perfect.

Feeling wistful and breezy this early Fall morning? Pop this on and just go with it (click on the picture) – odds are you’ve never heard of half of the artists or the songs and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Even if you don’t care for this mix, 8tracks¬†has something you’re going to love. Start listening to music again like you did in high school, and, if you’re feeling up to it, make a mix for someone else by simply dragging/dropping from your own music collection. You can post the cover art, name it, and send them the link in a matter of minutes.