I Watched 304 Movies in 2022

That’s not a typo. I knew I watched a lot of films, but in 2022 I vowed to track them all via and I broke 300 just after Christmas. Here are the highlights of the 2022 movies I’ve seen thus far, and the breakdown of older films I watched.

Here’s the Letterboxd list

Best of 2022 (that I saw) – 66 in total released this year):

  1. Top Gun: Maverick – This movie slapped so hard and I had zero expectations going in.
  2. Everything, Everywhere, All at Once – A gem of imagination and execution. Rocks made me tear up.
  3. Do Revenge – A sleeper hit that paid homage to the best of the teen movie genre. Maya Hawke rules.
  4. The Black Phone – A fun thriller with an imaginative plot, well executed. Hawke is a perennial favorite.
  5. Vengeance – BJ Novak kills with this indie about true crime podcasting that takes a turn.
  6. The Northman – I love a movie that makes me think and this one inspired Hamlet, so there you go.
  7. The Fabelmans – Spielberg looks back at his formative years. Worth the time to see the master at work.
  8. Prey – This is how you reboot a franchise; don’t go bigger, go smaller.
  9. Ambulance – The most Michael Bay, Michael Bay, has ever Michael Bay’d. Fun romp.
  10. On the Count of Three – Two dudes decide to kill themselves. But first, maybe a few bucket list items? Great film.
  11. Honorable mention: Armageddon Time – Banks Repeta and Hopkins kill this look at identity and belonging.

Worst of 2022 (that I saw) in no particular order:

  1. Spin Me Round – A half-finished cash grab. I actually got angry at this one.
  2. Black Adam – CGI to death. No heart. DC swings and misses. Again. Ugh.
  3. The People We Hate at the Wedding – I like the “Kristen Bell is a bad person” schtick, but this was just unlikeable.
  4. The Lost City – Who was this for? Don’t answer that.
  5. Brainwashed – This was actually the worst doc I may have ever seen.
  6. Spirited – What should have been a home run turned into a bunt to first. CGI & writing killed this one.
  7. Morbius – Sony can’t get the Spider-man EU right to save its life. This was water trash.
  8. Vesper – Such a great premise and cool look were wasted.
  9. The Man From Toronto – Who thought this was a good idea? Even Kevin Hart couldn’t save this.
  10. Uncharted – With a proven cinematic video game, this should have been easy. As bad as anything.

Here are some stats:

Family, Music, Doc, War, Western14, 12, 9, 6, 3

The Movies that hung with me the longest- first-time watches only:

  1. Rumble Fish (1983) – I can’t fully explain how much this movie rules. 2022 was my first viewing and it felt incredibly fresh and evocative. The choice to shoot in B&W was inspired. I fell in love with the motif of repetition. This is a masterpiece.
  2. Do Revenge (2022) – I wasn’t expecting anything and I got a feast for the eyes. Put this Netflix gem on your watchlist ASAP.
  3. Carol (2015) – Fun fact about me, I like period pieces about LGBTQ relationships. Who knew? Cate Blanchett embodies the hopeless and hopeful nature of being trapped in a world where you can and can’t be who you want to be.
  4. The Mercy (2017) – I saw this over the summer while thinking about how I wouldn’t get a boat day this year and it hasn’t left me since. Another true story adventure that you can’t shake.
  5. Night of the Hunter (1955) – Robert Mitchum rocks as a creepy priest that needs to 86 a pair of kids. The performances and tone are a revelation of filmmaking.

Rewatches that made me bump up my previous ratings

  1. The Gentlemen (2019) – My youngest son wanted to watch it so I gave it another go and it’s far better than I recalled. Guy Ritchie’s Opus? This is neck and neck with Snatch.
  2. Trading Places (1983) – I saw this a lot on TNT growing up and didn’t realize they cut out whole scenes that elevated this to a real winner. Give it another watch and you’ll see a lot to like.
  3. Filth (2013) – I remember seeing this one and being turned off by, well, the filth. A little older and I found it brisk, fresh, and well-assembled. James McAvoy should have been nominated for an Oscar, though he did win a BIFA Best Actor award for this.

Pleasant Surprises:

  1. Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers – Samberg & Mulaney turned a nostalgic cash-grab into a fun noir romp.
  2. Boiling Point – Stephen Graham is fantastic in everything but he owns the screen as a head chef working through the busiest night of the year, and his own demons.
  3. Cha Cha Real Smooth – Cooper Raiff (Star, Writer, Director) has a big future in front of him. If you haven’t seen Sh!thouse (2022) check it out. His work is personal, compelling, and honest in the best ways.

Long Awaited Watches – I don’t know why or how I put off watching these for so long but I did until this year.

  1. The Godfather Part II: Electric Boogaloo – Honestly, I wasn’t smitten by part one enough to run out and see it but I’m glad I did. Not in my top 20 of all time, but I get the reverence.
  2. Miracle on 34th Street – I don’t know why but I never bothered until this year and I found it better than I expected.
  3. Some Like it Hot – I’d never seen a Marilyn Monroe film and I get why; not great. Curtis and Lemon make up for it.
Rumble Fish is the best film from 1983 you never saw.

I don’t watch regular, casual TV or sports (outside of College Football), but I did get through these as well:

The BEST TV in 2022:

  1. Better Call Saul – I’m going to say it, the series is better than Breaking Bad. Rarified air for sure.
  2. Station Eleven – This was a wildly transfixing apocalypse drama that I couldn’t get enough of.
  3. The Afterparty – A stellar cast and songs that I lol’d over plenty of times.
  4. Our Flag Means Death – So much heart and hilarity rolled into one. A truly innovative series.
  5. The Bear – Yes, Chef. Thank you, Chef.
  6. We Own This City – Jon Bernthal is my ride-or-die and starring in the heir to The Wire? Hell yes.
  7. Severance – Weird concept that sucks you in when you consider the implications.
  8. Succession“You can’t make a Tomlette without breaking some Greggs.” This is the best series on TV, bar none. Long may it reign.
  9. Only Murders in the Building – So. Much. Fun.
  10. Ted Lasso – I hate soccer and love this.

Own Your Mistakes – A feel good story about a true above and beyond.


When we make mistakes it’s good to own them. Don’t dawdle, don’t justify, don’t downplay – just own it quickly and honestly. 

A couple of weeks ago we made a mistake at work and we inconvenienced one of our Residents in a big way. It was a perfectly honest mistake, but in the process it appears we may have broken their TV. Not good, not good at all. 

In my experience, these things happen once a year or so -you know, where your company screws up royally and you’re terribly embarrassed.

You have a few choices with how to respond, but I think the best option is to honestly and sincerely own that moment.

The TV in question turned out to be a 32″ lower end model that had a few years on it. Once I received it I googled the model and found a replacement for $225. Eh, just replacing it felt… weak sauce. Here was an opportunity to turn a terrible situation and a story this person will tell, for years to come, into an epic for the ages. What to do? I googled 42″ TVs and found a sweet 1080p SMART Vizio on Amazon Prime for $449, delivered in 48 hours. This was a massive upgrade and it felt amazing hitting the “confirm purchase” button. 

In addition, we handled the rest of the remaining issues and then gave them $100 to Bonefish/Outback as the Resident’s family were in town and it gave them the opportunity to treat. It was a small cost in the grand scheme of things and it provided a great feeling to both the Resident and my Management team. 

When I initially met the Resident, immediately following our mistake, I apologized profusely and told him that it was my goal to make sure by the end of our process that he would actually be happy we managed to screw up so perfectly. He gave me a quixotic head tilt, but I assured him it would be possible, to let us take care of the situation and see what happens. Having come through in multiple ways I’m incredibly proud to say “Goal accomplished!” and almost wishing now that we screwed up like this more often.