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  • What Limitations Do

    What Limitations Do

    I came across a great quote this morning and thought it worth a few words of my own. Hat tip to Leadership Development pro, Kristen Hadeed. She’s an author, TEDx Presenter, and an inspiring person I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and following for years. “Our limitations make space for the gifts of other people.”…

  • We Are Who We’ve Been Waiting For

    We Are Who We’ve Been Waiting For

    About a decade ago I was working a new job where it rapidly became clear that they needed a new everything. You name it, it needed to be overhauled, sourced, replaced, or jettisoned into space. We were going to need to create a property management company from scratch. Without any support of any kind. No…

  • Intention = Better Improvement

    Intention = Better Improvement

    When people ask me what they can do to move up in their career I ask themwhat they got better at this past year. Oftentimes, the answer is a blankstare. There are certain things we get better at with just routine and repetition.Back in my teenage years, I got pretty sick at spinning a pizza…

  • Defend the Brand

    Defend the Brand

    Seth Godin’s blog post today “Defender of the brand” was a salient reminder of what we’re aiming to do. In the piece, he reminds his readers that a Marketing Officer’s first duty is to ensure the brand experience is one of quality. All the ads in the world are meaningless if the execution of the…

  • “Be Quick, but Don’t Hurry”

    “Be Quick, but Don’t Hurry”

    John Wooden was arguably the greatest basketball coach of all time. While leading the UCLA Bruins the guy won 10 National titles in 12 years, including seven in a row. You don’t get to that status without dropping some serious wisdom along the way. And that brings us to our title; one of Wooden’s best…

  • A quick word on how to Know Yourself

    A quick word on how to Know Yourself

    Ethan Hawke breaks down something pretty cool in this short Ted Talk and in the interest of time I’ll pull out the quote that stunned me. “We’re here to help each other, but first we have to survive, and then we have to thrive. To thrive, to express ourselves, we have to know ourselves. What…

  • The Test of a Leader

    Retired USMC LtGen George Flynn has a test for leaders and it’s insanelysimple. “If they ask you how you’re doing they actually care about theanswer.” How many people above you have asked how you were and not cared a whiff? Howmany haven’t even asked how you were doing? In my experience, it’s most. And Ithink…

  • Push Decision Making Down

    Push Decision Making Down

    There’s precious little upside to saying yes, especially if you’re not completely versed in the scenario or stakes. And who has time to get versed in the scenario? So, the response is silence; static at the other end of the line. “No” wins the game by default.

  • “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose” or Coach Taylor meets Sun Tzu

    “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose” or Coach Taylor meets Sun Tzu

    Everyone loves a good motivational speech and there are few better than the ones from our favorite movies. The one where Rocky says that’s how winning is done. The one where Al Pacino talks about the game being one of inches and the inches are all around us. The one in Independence Day where President…

  • D-Day, Logistics, and Student Housing Turn

    D-Day, Logistics, and Student Housing Turn

    Today is the 74th anniversary of D-Day (aka, Operation Overlord); the invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe by Allied forces. The “D” just stands for “Day” and was a term used for any important military day, though now it has become synonymous with Overlord. No doubt you’re familiar with D-Day, if only because you’ve seen “Saving Private…