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  • A Resume to Kill For

    A Resume to Kill For

    Your resume is quite simply, an advertisement. That makes you Don Draper, and the product you’re pitching is you. I know that’s uncomfortable to some but humility rides the bus. Get your bragging paints on.

  • What should I know in 20 seconds?

    What should I know in 20 seconds?

    This is my favorite question when someone hands me something to proofread. Flyer for an upcoming event? Ad for a renewal campaign? Your updated resume? Pitch for a new policy change or capital project? What should be in my brain within 20 seconds of the experience with the thing you made and put in front…

  • Defend the Brand

    Defend the Brand

    Seth Godin’s blog post today “Defender of the brand” was a salient reminder of what we’re aiming to do. In the piece, he reminds his readers that a Marketing Officer’s first duty is to ensure the brand experience is one of quality. All the ads in the world are meaningless if the execution of the…

  • All your room are belong to us

    Another year and another order of “Renew your lease now” banners and bandit signs. Ah, student housing – you have few predictable moments, but this is certainly one of them. Last year we wanted to mix it up and do something that would catch an eye because face it, no one is reading your plain…

  • Personality trumps Plain, Every Time

    Our new in-house, Marketing-Strike-Force-of-Awesomeness have been laying siege to the plain vanilla world of the tired & trite student housing adverts of old. Ben & Jerry themselves have trembled under the audacious show of flavor perpetrated by these skilled ninja-confectioners-of-imagination. Calling themselves the Triple Threat, these three complimentary legs of the tripod are the razor’s edge of our…