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  • What Limitations Do

    What Limitations Do

    I came across a great quote this morning and thought it worth a few words of my own. Hat tip to Leadership Development pro, Kristen Hadeed. She’s an author, TEDx Presenter, and an inspiring person I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and following for years. “Our limitations make space for the gifts of other people.”…

  • We Are Who We’ve Been Waiting For

    We Are Who We’ve Been Waiting For

    About a decade ago I was working a new job where it rapidly became clear that they needed a new everything. You name it, it needed to be overhauled, sourced, replaced, or jettisoned into space. We were going to need to create a property management company from scratch. Without any support of any kind. No…

  • “I Like Solving Problems…”

    “I Like Solving Problems…”

    I’ve had multiple conversations with people about what they want to do and this line keeps coming up. People, generally, like solving problems. Our preferences for types of problems differ but the spirit remains. Why aren’t we tapping into more of that in our conversations with our teams? 95% of meetings I’ve attended looked like…